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CP I-Flash Support

CP i-flash installation instructions

Install instructions issue 10 01 18.doc

CP i-flash for Windows 8/10 users

i flash Installing Hardware with Unsigned Drivers in Windows 8 &10


NEW 2018 – CP i-flash Installation Software Update (03.01.18)

We periodically update the CP I-flash interface software – subsequently you might receive the message ‘license expired’ if so please use the following link

i_Flash_Ford_Installation 030118


CP i-flash updates – NEW 2015 2 part update

We periodically update the CP i-flash interface software – subsequently you might receive the message ‘license expired’ & “Hardware device is locked may be user protected or terminated”

Please follow the following two part procedure to update both the firmware and cable – Important note they must both be done at the same time

For customers who have purchased their I-flash cables between 2013-2014 you must update your I-flash cable up to 2015> specification, please follow the instructions below


  1. Plug your i-Flash cable in to your PC
  2. Download and run the new i-Flash software i_Flash_Ford_Installation
  3. Press ‘Next’ until the ‘Hardware Device is Locked’ message appears and press ok (DO NOT CLOSE PROGRAM!!!)
  4. Run the iflash_cable_update.exe with the i-Flash cable plugged in iflash_cable_update
  5. The message ‘Coding OK ! Press any key’ should appear, press any key
  6. Close i-Flash_software_update program
  7. Update complete


Your cable and software are now up to date, you may use as per usual