Become a Tester

Entering your information on our site will add it to our database, from this it will give us a very good indication on what vehicles our customers want us to look at in the future.

New products will be made when the demand gets to a reasonable level.
We will then consult our database and a customer will be chosen and contacted.

Initially we will ask for your vehicle to be brought into our premises for 1-2 days so that we can create a “mock-up” system in the case of an exhaust on your vehicle.
This system will then be removed allowing you to have your car back, the system then goes away to our factory to have its jigs made.
From these jigs the first exhaust system of that kind will be made and returned to our workshop.

We will then ask you to come back into our workshop for a day where we will start with putting your vehicle on our rolling road so that we can get some baseline power and torque graphs which is especially important for our Powerchips.

The new system will then be fitted to your vehicle to ensure that perfect fit that we pride ourselves upon.
After everything is deemed to have that perfect fit the vehicle will then go back on our rolling road to see just how much improvements the new system / upgrade has made.

If you are the chosen customer for a Exhaust system then you shall receive the following:

  • Free rolling road runs before and after
  • Free fitment of the exhaust system
  • A complete cost price exhaust system for your vehicle

Become a Tester
Is your vehicle not listed? Having trouble finding and exhaust for your car? Fill in this form and send us your info. We’ll put you on our list and may be in touch to use your vehicle as a test machine.

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