Focus Mk3 ST250 2.0 EcoBoost 2011on – Stage 1 2020 Remap





Collins Performance can completely transform your Ford Focus Mk3 ST250 with one of our tuning softwares for your vehicle

Our popular CP1 2020 software has been developed to work perfectly on either a 100% standard car (approx 290-295 bhp) or fully modified car (approx 300-305bhp)

A key feature of the CP1 2020 software is how it ‘self adapts’ as you add additional hardware. This negates any requirement to have to come back to us for further software updates


Note: There no requirement for a bigger intercooler on both of the Focus ST250 CP software’s


We spent over 12 months on both the road and dyno evaluating and testing the each of the standard components on the car during the development of CP1 2020 and CP2v2 software


The standard factory intercooler is from the RS MK2 and is happy even on a track day for applications over 330bhp – during extensive testing we never saw more than +10 deg C over ambient under full load which is the approximate target that we work too


What can be miss leading when data logging the IAT’s on this model is the shutter system, ahead of the intercooler, when closed (when cruising etc) showing a major increase in IAT’s which can cause owners data logging their cars concern – However the moment the shutters open the IAT’s immediately plummet back down to normal levels


What we would recommend/suggest is the removal of the shutter system as the mechanism can be prone to sticking shut

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