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4 Wheel Drive Rolling Road

Superflow 800 series 4×4 dual eddy current chassis dyno. 

Collins Performance Engineering can offer you the ultimate in bespoke mapping services for your high performance road or competition car. We can map your engine using either one of our technically advanced dyno units, or just a power run to test your vehicle.

Both our Superflow dynos are among the worlds most accurate machines currently available on the market, couple that together with our extensive cooling and extraction system, makes us one of the best equipped dyno facilities in the UK.

Our chassis dyno features 42-inch (107 cm) diameter rollers for minimum tyre deflection and maximum contact patch size. Torque is measured with a temperature-compensating load cell for precise torque and power readings.

Our chassis dyno can run a variety of built-in vehicle tests, including single-gear or all-gear tests at wide open throttle. Controlled acceleration, controlled deceleration, step, steady-state, aero load, and drive cycle tests can be easily run with the dual eddy current power absorber module. The steady-state and drive cycle tests can be performed at full or partial throttle settings.

Speed Rating up to 200 mph (320 kph)

Control Accuracy ±0.1 mph (0.2 kph)

Maximum Wheel Power per axle 1,500 hp (1118 kW)

Peak steady state power absorbtion 1,400 hp (1043 kW)