AS Inlet Plenum





Now available Auto Specialists stunning performance inlet manifolds painted in the following colours to match your ST/RS – Gloss Black, Ultimate Green, Performance Blue, Colorado Red, Frozen White & Electric Orange.

AS have taken more time than most perfecting their manifold to what you see here, they tested several designs which include a square to tapered manifold which unfortunately didn’t work and then their Gen2 design finally got the go ahead after month’s of testing. After completion they found there were more gains to be made and instead of selling a manifold for the sake of getting sales they held off the release while their development technicians matched the inlet manifold ports to the lower manifold ports, the difference was felt immediately.


  • Increase in BHP & Torque, expect to see gains from 5 – 10 bhp peak & 20 to 40 lbft torque (up to 25bhp mid range gains on their tests)
  • Heat treated for 36 hours & then pressure tested to 56 psi to ensure maximum strength
  • Won’t crack or burst like Ford oem plastic manifold
  • Unique & stunning design, by far the best looking manifold available
  • CNC inlet ports to match lower section of the intake manifold ‘injector side’ only 1 other cast manifold offers this critical design feature
  • Value for money, the AutoSpecialists pledge

‘You can feel the difference when fitted!’ this is what our customers are telling us time and time again.

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