Ford Fiesta MK7/7.5 ST180 – CP2-E Software





Fiesta ST180 CP2-E software

An evolution of our very popular CP2 software the CP2-E software has been developed to work with our CP progressive Actuator.

The revised software combined with the CP Actuator not only increases peak power to 245-247bhp but also extends the usable power band to over 7000 rpm

During the software development a major emphasis is placed on ensuring that the power delivery is strong but smooth with no wild torque surges ideal for track use

This upgrade has been favourably reviewed by a number of well know influencers including Fordy Ford on YouTube when he carried out his comparative test a couple of years ago. You can watch his review here

The recommended hardware for a full CP2-E upgrade is as follows

CP Actuator, ITG induction kit, Stage 1 intercooler and cat back exhaust

The software is available with a ‘mild’ overrun pop and bang option. The pop and bang is activated when the engine speed exceeds 4000 rpm and the throttle is lifted off.


The iflash kit option includes – allows easy software installation and removal at home

1 x CP iflash Kit – allows easy software installation and removal at home


  1. Kit Contents
    1. I flash OBD 2 connector
    2. USB Cable – Connects connector to laptop
    3. USB Memory Stick – Contains
    4. Iflash exe programme to load onto laptop
    5. PDF instructions
    6. Folders for saving files
  1. Process Overview
    1. Install iflash program onto laptop
    2. Connect laptop to vehicle using iflash connector
    3. Follow onscreen instructions to read a copy of the vehicle’s current software
    4. Email a copy of the file to Collins Performance
    5. Collins Performance send back correct upgrade file
    6. Once you have received the upgrade file reconnect laptop to vehicle & Install upgrade file
  1. Requirements – Laptop/PC running Windows operating system


  1. Support
    1. Support Web page
    2. Telephone support (during working hours)
  1. Notes/FAQ
    1. You can return the vehicle back to standard at any time using iflash kit
    2. You can purchase further upgrade files (ie CP1 to CP2 upghrade) which can be emailed direct to you and installed using the iflash kit
    3. The iflash connector ‘locks’ to the vehicle and can not be used with any other vehicle
    4. We update the iflash operating program every 6 months (1st Jan/1st June) – the updated program is available as a download from our CP web site support page


Additional information

Purchase Options

CP2-E software workshop install, CP2-E software & iflash Kit (DIY install), CP2-E software/CP Actuator Combo deal workshop install, CP2-E software/CP Actuator & iflash Kit Combo deal (DIY install), Existing CP2 Customer-CP2 to CP2-E software upgrade workshop install, Existing CP2 Customer-CP2 to CP2-E software, existing iFlash customer (DIY install), Existing CP2 Customer-CP2 to CP2-E software/CP Actuator Combo deal workshop install, Existing CP2 Customer-CP2 to CP2-E software/CP Actuator, existing iFlash customer Combo deal (DIY install)

Extra Map Options

Option 1: CP Map, Option 2: CP Map with Overrun, Option 3: Both CP Map and CP Map with Overrun

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