Toyota GR Yaris – Stage 1 Software





Toyota GR Yaris CP1 Software – 300-330bhp

Continued extensive testing with software & testing with various hardware options has resulted in this software that works perfectly on a 100% standard car or on a fully modified car offering up to an additional +51bhp and +60 lbft of torque over standard

We have deliberately avoided making the power delivery aggressive, instead we have spent considerable time on the dyno making sure the power delivery is a smooth as possible making it an ideal option for road and track day use.

DIN corrected Engine 321 Bhp @ 6100 rpm  &  DIN Corrected 333 Ib-ft Torque @3900 rpm

DIN corrected wheel 272 Bhp @ 6100 rpm

We have also deliberately quoted DIN corrected wheel power figures too as there seem to be a wide variation on the calculated engine power figure from some other software suppliers both high and low. This figure compares very well with all other Stage 1 tunes currently available

For maximum performance/power we recommend the following hardware upgrades

  • Mongoose 3” GPF Back Exhaust – with a choice of tail pipe designs
  • Mongoose 3” GPF Delete pipe
  • Airtec Enclosed induction kit/Eventuri Carbon Air Intake system

The final power graphs were recorded out on our accurate Supaflow linked 4wd dyno

Note: This is currently a workshop install software only

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