AIRTEC Stage 2 Intercooler – Focus mk2 ST225





The Best Intercooler for the Focus ST ‘just got better’ now fitted with the scoop from their RS Intercooler, which forces the air directly into the core for even more cooling power!

Bolt on power, not extra parts required to fit, connects to standard size boost hoses (comes with full brackets and fittings included)

Available In Pro-Series Satin Black or Clean Silver

Torque of the Devil Rolling Road test results (31/01/2009)
Gen 3 Test results
296.4 bhp Brake horse power figure was impressive!
390 lbs/ft Massive Torque curve
148 degree’s Inlet Temp
30 degree’s Outlet Temp

Standard Ford Intercooler Test results
275 bhp Brake horse power figure was down on power compared to Gen 3
350 lbs/ft Torque was also down compared to Gen 3
144 degree’s Inlet Temp
66 degree’s Outlet Temp

AIRTEC’s latest intercooler for the Focus ST turbo, they have now changed the total design with new high flow 60mm core and smooth flow end tanks, which in turn has increased power, torque & also lowered ATC temps, this could possibly be the best Focus ST intercooler available. Yes its really that good!

Bolts onto the bottom of the radiator cradle so there is not major weight put onto the standard radiator mounts like other alloy intercoolers on the market


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