Turbo Technics S285 Turbocharger – Fiesta ST Mk8

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After more than a year of development in conjunction with Turbo Technics, we are pleased to release our new hybrid turbocharger upgrade for the Mk8 Fiesta ST – the S285.
Having previously only being available exclusively in our CP3 upgrade, now is available to purchase direct from us.
Typical performance figures are 290-305lbft and 260-270whp (depending on dyno and vehicle spec), but there is far more to this conversion than just the peak numbers.
The S285 features bespoke compressor and turbine wheel upgrades, and an all-new bearing and shaft design developed specifically for this unit. It also features anti-surge ports in the compressor housing (as found in larger turbos) for a fast, smooth spool-up.
The result is a highly sophisticated hybrid turbocharger upgrade that feels just as refined as the original, whilst delivering reliable, repeatable performance in spades.
There are various options when purchasing this turbocharger:
  1. Refurbished Unit Exchange Basis (send turbo after) – You will pay the same as the outright purchase but when you return your old standard turbocharger we will refund £300 to your account
  2. Refurbished Unit Exchange Basis (send turbo before) – You will have to return your standard turbo to us before we send your exchanged hybrid out
  3. Brand New Unit Outright Purchase



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