RS500 Mountune Airbox – Focus RS Mk2




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Mountune’s involvement with the Focus RS began more than a year before the vehicle’s public debut back in 2009. From the outset it was clear that to increase the power output significantly, an improvement to the airflow capacity on the RS’s standard intake setup would be required.

Mountune’s engineers set about designing a revised airbox and inlet spout that would surpass any of these airflow requirements whilst retaining the original look and feel you’d expect from an original equipment component.

Unlike other examples on the market the Mountune airbox has been designed and tested to meet original equipment standards, and was also subject to extensive rig testing.

Independent testing showed upto 17% less pressure loss than the standard fit part, equating to more than enough airflow for 350PS, as demonstrated on the now infamous Mountune Focus RS MP350 and Ford Focus RS500.

The Mountune airbox is the only one of its type that will not affect your manufacturers’ warranty.

The kit includes:

  • Mountune improved-flow inlet spout
  • Mountune increased-capacity airbox upper
  • Mountune Performance badge
  • Flow test data and fitting instructions

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