Mercedes C63S AMG Biturbo (2015on) – Akrapovic Exhaust System





Perfect shapes and noble high-tech materials: special ultralight titanium alloys have been developed for this exhaust, the tailpipes of matt carbon are handmade. The exhaust will replace either the base-stock system or performance series system of Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63S sedans and T models.

Many parts of this fantastic investment were poured into Akrapovičs private titanium foundry. The system has an active X-connection and an extra pair of exhaust valves behind the rear silencers. This allows the sound of the exhaust system to be perfectly controlled – for easy listening. With two defined sound characteristics and three different settings of the driving sound, the system is perfectly matched to the best sound in all vehicle modes.

The optional Akrapovič sound kit allows the driver (regardless of the chosen vehicle mode) the power to control the adjustment of the exhaust system and is a recommended upgrade, when the base-series system is replaced. The increase in power and torque as well as the enormous weight savings of up to 45% make this property a true performance upgrade. ECE-licensed, no reprogramming of the ECU and no other parts needed – the installation is carried out in simple plug-and-play process. More performance, more style and a fantastic soundtrack – thanks to this exclusive Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust system made of titanium.

If the Akrapovič Evolution Line System replaces the Mercedes-AMG performance exhaust system that Valve Actuator Kit (P-HF985) is not required. The flaps of the exhaust system can be controlled from the vehicle’s interior. The Akrapovič Sound Kit P-HF949 can be ordered as an option. If the vehicle is not equipped with the performance exhaust system, but with the Mercedes-AMG standard exhaust system, then the Valve Actuator Kit (P-HF985) is mandatory and the Akrapovič sound Kit P-HF949 is recommended to have the complete control over to ensure the sound regulation of the exhaust system.

If the vehicle is already equipped with a cockpit button for valve control, sound kit is required.

Akrapovič Sound Kit – P-HF949 £408.02 inc VAT 

Valve Actuator Kit – P-HF985 £622.95 inc VAT

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