Mercedes E63 AMG Biturbo (2012-2013) – RENNtech Carbon Fibre Front Splitter





RENNtech’s full carbon fibre front splitter for the E 63 Biturbo is the end result of countless hours of in-house design, engineering and development work. The unique design features outer winglets and an integral stepped centre section that extends out from the vehicles lower grille area.  This design flows seamlessly into the front fascia and is a simple, bolt on component which improves vehicle aesthetics and increases front end down force.

Their front splitter was designed with your daily driver in mind and maintains the same approach angle as the OE front fascia so in other words, the RENNtech front splitter retains the same clearance for parking stops, curbs and steep driveways. The high quality prepreg carbon fibre construction finished in a beautiful gloss top coat ensures years of durability and stunning good looks.

This front splitter is a fully functional aerodynamic component as well as an aggressive exterior enhancement on the E63. The design is perfect as a stand alone component or in conjunction with our component exterior aerodynamic upgrades such as their E class rear diffuser. These pieces were designed to function in complete harmony with one another and when combined create a unique and aggressive aerodynamic package.

What exactly is prepreg carbon fibre?

  • Prepreg is widely known as the finest process in carbon fibre manufacturing and has been used for aerospace and military applications because of its superior consistency in weight, thickness, fitment, resin, carbon layout, and overall quality.
  • Lower cost carbon fibre uses a wet-layup method which results in components of inferior, strength, appearance and overall quality. To create prepreg fibre is pre-impregnated (hence the name) with resin at a production facility, rolled on spools, and frozen to prevent the resin from curing prematurely. This material is then cut and hand laid into a mould to the proper thickness and cured at strictly controlled temperatures. This process creates a laminate with a precisely controlled resin volume and in turn is 20-30% stiffer and stronger than an equivalent thickness wet laminate process.
  • The pre-impregnated (prepreg) fibre method creates stiffer, stronger laminates with controllable, predictable results and the result is a consistent, tight fibre weave which not only looks amazing, but adds strength.  This ensures our customers receive components which not only look good on the vehicle standing still, but won’t crack, warp, fall off or fade when mounted to the exterior of their vehicle after six months or while driving at high speed.

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