CP Car Cleaning Pack



  • 250ml Luxury Suds Wash and Wax Shampoo
  • 250ml Cherry Glaze Polish/Glaze/Wax
  • 250ml Berry Blast Quick Detailer
  • 250ml Very Cherry Wheel Cleaner
  • 2 Plush Microfibre Towels
  • Microfibre Applicator


Luxury Suds Wash and Wax Shampoo

Luxury Suds is a non-caustic, concentrated, high quality car shampoo and wax containing surface active detergents for the removal of road film, bug splatter, grease, insects and dirt. Luxury Suds will leave a glorious shine and wax protective film on the surface. Luxury Suds is a pH neutral blend containing only the highest quality surfactants whilst still being one of the best economical shampoos we sell. Streak and residue free Luxury Suds also rinses with ease leaving a gloss, protective finish.

Luxury Suds is safe for all waxes and sealants and wont strip any protection from your vehicle. Luxury Suds is ready to use, it is a thick concentrated shampoo and a little goes a long way, add Luxury to your Autobrite Detailing buckets to create the luxurious foam bath your car deserves.


Cherry Glaze Polish/Glaze/Wax

Cherry Glaze is a all-in-one paintwork polish and protectant that leaves your car gleaming. Cherry Glaze has been probably the most popular, talked about and easy to use product to use on your car and certainly does what it says on the tin! Cherry Glaze cleans, removes stubborn oxidisation, cleans chrome and metal surfaces, reduces light scratches, masks light imperfections and protects!

Cherry Glaze has been specially formulated to enhance the appearance of your automotive ride! Cherry Glaze has a blend of light abrasives to rejuvenate & restore the paintwork/ chrome surface and packed with the highest quality, purest grade of Brazilian T1 Carnauba Wax to give your car that wet, high gloss protected finish in no time!

Cherry Glaze can be applied to almost every hard surface on your car which include, paintwork, glass, metal, plastic, carbon, perspex, and even plastic trim, yes plastic trim! Cherry Glaze leaves no nasty white, chalky residue when removed. Cherry Glaze also cleans and protects your exhausts, polishes aluminium, removes paint transfer and even removes black marks from plastic trims.

Cherry Glaze can be used by hand or machine application. Cherry Glaze can be applied to warm panels or sub zero temperatures. Follow with your favourite Autobrite Carnauba Wax for the ultimate in gloss and protection. Cherry Glaze is one of Autobrite Directs most popular and loved products, A high quality AIO (All in one) product that contains fine abrasives to remove surface oxidation, glazes to help fill minor swirls and defects and a high quality carnauba wax for protection along with the sweet smell of glazed cherries! There is no other like Cherry Glaze!


Berry Blast Quick Detailer

Autobrite Berry Blast is a highly versatile product that can be used as a spray wax, waterless wash, show detailer and a clay bar lubricant and can be diluted to suit your needs. It excels as a spray wax, waterless wash, Quick Detailer and clay lubricant. Berry blast is safe to be used in direct sunlight and on all surfaces including plastic and chrome. A fantastic berry fragrance.

Dilute Berry Blast Quick Detailer with water as follows;
  • Neat as a spray wax
  • 2:1 waterless wash
  • 3:1 – 5:1 as a quick detailer
  • 5:1 – 10:1 as a clay lubricant


Very Cherry Wheel Cleaner

Very cherry professional Strength Alkaline Acid Free wheel cleaner contains a powerful blend of degreasers and cleaners to clean your alloy wheels. A very effective, deep cleaning performing, high foaming cleaning agent that provides superb cleaning power on your wheels and tyres to remove the harshest of dirt, grime and brake dust. Ideal to use on all modern painted & clear coated wheel finishes.

In most cases VCNA can be applied to the alloy wheel and then rinsed under pressure with no agitation needed, the power of this product makes light work of cleaning your alloy wheels even with the most stubborn brake dust, grime and dirt. Of course in extreme cases of brake dust we recommend you apply to the alloy wheel and leave for a couple of minutes to penetrate into the dirt and rinse with ease.

VCNA is not ideal for bare metal, chrome, and polished alloy wheels. We do recommend you always try on an inconspicuous area before proper use. As always with all of the Autobrite range of products our VCNA is bio-degradable and not harmful for the environment.

VCNA can dilute up to 20-1 for light cleaning, and as low as 2-1 for heavy cleaning and degreasing to remove the most stubborn, baked on brake dust and grime.

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