Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series (2007-2011) – RENNtech Dual Charge Cooler Pump Upgrade Kit





RENNtech’s dual intercooler pump kit out performs any other unit on the market! Their upgrade replaces the OEM pump and includes an additional pump to allow maximum cooling efficiency and flow.

Each individual pump flows over twice as much coolant as the problematic OEM pump and significantly more than any aftermarket unit on the market.

Testing showed each Intercooler pump flows an impressive 8.7  G.P.M. @ 11.6 P.S.I each compared to the OEM pump 3.00 G.P.M. flow rate.

This increase in flow dramatically removes heat from the incoming air; allowing for a denser air/fuel mixture and substantially cooler charge air temperatures over the entire operating range.

Their pump upgrade kit mounts in the OEM location without any modifications, due to its dramatically smaller size and lighter weight and comes complete with all necessary plumbing, electrical connectors, mounting hardware and installation instructions.


Due to some of the products coming direct from RENNtech USA please allow 7-10 days for delivery

Prices may vary in accordance to the current exchange rate, please contact us for the current confirmed price


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