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We continue to run our amazing inflation smashing 50th Anniversary CP software deal


All our software prices have been reduced this week we extend this offer to include the Ford Focus MK3 CP2 software upgrade


CP2 workshop install – Anniversary Deal £299 inc vat – Once you have placed your order please contact us to book your installation slot

CP2 & iflash Kit (DIY install) – Anniversary Deal £359 inc vat – Easy to use our iflash kit allows you to install your software at home


Our popular CP2 software has been developed to work perfectly on either a 100% standard car (approx 385-395bhp) or fully modified car (approx 400-410bhp)

This relates to a peak wheel power increase of over +40 whp at 5500 rpm and +103 lb-ft torque over the standard test car at 3450 rpm

The attached power graphs where done on the same day using the same car with no additional hardware installed

You will clearly see from the attached graphs that some of the midrange wheel power gains are extremely impressive at +80whp at 4250rpm

Our latest upgrade compares well to some of our direct competitors wheel power claims and offers excellent value for money as it requires no additional hardware upgrades

The CP2 software is also ‘Decat Enabled’ which means the MIL light will not come on if you install a decat exhaust The software is also available with two overrun pop and bang option, with both 1.5 second duration or 3 second duration modes for an additional £50

It’s never been a better time to purchase a CP software!


OBD2 – ‘I Flash’ USB interface lead connects your vehicle ECU direct to your laptop

Unique ‘I Flash’ USB Key contains installation software and pre installed tunes and copy of latest OE calibration

Easy to follow installation instructions – removal or opening of ECU not required

Upgrade files install in under 17 seconds

Future Updates and additional features available by email


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Extra Map Options

Option 1: CP Map, Option 2: CP Map with Overrun, Option 3: Both CP Map and CP Map with Overrun

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