Eibach Lowering Spring Kit – Mustang S550 5.0 V8 Coupe





About Eibach

Eibach are renowned for producing the best engineered and highest quality sports springs in the world. Many car manufacturers have enlisted the help of Eibach to develop springs for use in their top-of-the-range sports models. Take for example the BMW M3, The Ford Racing Puma and the Focus RS to name a few. Eibach know what they are doing when it comes to suspension.

What’s included?

This Eibach spring kit contains a set of four uprated lowering springs. Each spring is made from the finest quality materials and is finished with a tough epoxy painted coating. Eibach are so confident of their product that they provide a lifetime warranty!

What will the handling be like?

Eibach test and tune every single spring application that they list. Cheaper spring manufacturers will state that a spring is suitable for a particular car simply because it will fit in to the spring cups. There’s much more to it than that. Eibach will adjust the stiffness to suite each and every cars axle weight and particular requirements. Endless testing on the track results in a kit that will optimise handling characteristics and greatly improve driving pleasure without giving a harsh ride.

Will I need to change my dampers?

Eibach springs are specifically engineered to work in harmony with the standard dampers on a car. Provided that the original dampers are in good condition they will work perfectly with a set of Eibach springs.

The science of lowering

Lowering a car lowers its centre of gravity. The amount of body roll (the amount a car leans over at an angle) that a car is subject to in hard cornering is directly proportional to the height of the centre of gravity from the road surface. So, if you reduce the height, you reduce the body roll. Reduced body roll keeps the tyres square on the road and improves grip and this in-turn improves cornering speeds. Take a look at a Formula one car. The speeds they corner at are phenomenal, but you’ll hardly see any body roll what so ever. That’s because of a combination of an extremely low centre of gravity and stiff springs.

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