Turbo Technics S285 Hybrid Turbocharger with Stage 3 CP iflash – Fiesta ST Mk8





We are pleased to announce our CP3 package for the Fiesta MK8 ST, the CP3 package has been developed in conjunction with Turbo Technics utilising their all new S285 turbocharger.

Power has been increased by wheel power +80 Bhp and + 80 Lb-ft over the standard software based on our drivetrain percentage calculation (8%) this to just under 290bhp at the engine however using other tuners drivetrain calculation (15%) this calculates to over 300bhp at the engine

Our latest upgrade compares well to some of our direct competitors wheel power claims for similar turbo upgrade.

The all new S285 turbo is exclusive to Collins Performance and features a bespoke uprated motorsport specification bearing pack with a thicker uprated shaft for reliability and durability. It utilises a larger compressor wheel matched to a bigger ‘full blade’ turbine wheel with no requirement of cut back blades – offers excellent boost & performance characteristics.

The CP3/TT package has been extensively tested over a period of over 12 months and 1000’s of miles on the test development cars to ensure reliability and performance.

This package requires Forged piston and uprated con rod engine upgrade – please contact for more information

During the development process each of the development turbo’s where frequently stripped and checked for wear etc. Hardware requirements for this package are as follows:

• Collins Performance CP3 Software
• Turbo Technics S285 turbocharger.
• Full Turbo Back 3” Exhaust
• Pro Alloy Stage 2 Intercooler
• Airtec Induction Kit

There are 3 ways to purchase your new turbocharger

  1. Outright Purchase
  2. Exchange Basis (send turbo after) – You will pay the same as the outright purchase but when you return your old standard turbocharger we will refund £1050 to your account)
  3. Exchange Basis (send turbo before) – You will have to return your standard turbo to us before we send your hybrid out

Collins Performance always tests each individual part and how they interact we other tuning items on our in house rolling road to make sure we only pick the best parts for our packages


Contact us for a fully fitted package price

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