Mercedes AMG GT (2015-2017) – RENNtech Performance Brake Upgrade





RENNtech high performance steel front brake package.

The custom RENNtech steel front brake package is a must for every AMG GT R track setup. Their custom developed rotors increase braking efficiency and ‘bite’ as well increased longevity. Instead of being drilled, our brake rotors are slotted which makes them less prone to cracking when compared to the OEM Rotors. Due to the fact that the RENNtech rotors are different between the left and the right rotor, we were able to improve the cooling of the rotor for superior thermal capacity

No additional modifications are needed to install the RENNtech brake Rotors.

The RENNtech High-Performance Brake Rotors come in a complete kit of 2 rotors (left and right), already assembled with the heats ready to be installed.

  • Heat treated for micro structure alignment and durability
  • Runout less than .0005 inches and thickness variation less than .0002 inches, reducing pulsation and vibration
  • Temperature range from 122deg – 1300deg (wide operating range)
  • Vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration
  • 48 vanes for superior thermal capacity
  • Surface finish less than .7 microns.

They also have two different brake pad options available:

  • Street and occasional Track Option:
    • Good pad and disc life for the performance
    • Temperature range from 122deg – 1300deg (wide operating range)
    • Coefficient of friction: 0.44-0.45 max, 0.41-0.42 average
    • Relatively flat torque curve makes it very predictable
    • Excellent modulation and release characteristics
    • Price:
      • Front: £1035 | Brake Pads:42.190.7121
      • Rear: £929 | Brake Pads:42.190.6121
  • Race Track-Day Option:
    • Compound has a sharper bite and overall increased friction coefficient | 0.51 max, 0.48-0.49 average
    • Flat torque curve makes the pad predictable
    • Better pad life
    • Tested and Race used on the RENNtech Motorsports AMG GT4 race car
    • Price:
      • Front: £1245 | Brake Pads:42.190.7131
      • Rear: £929 | Brake Pads:42.190.6121

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