Mercedes AMG GT-R (2018on) – RENNtech Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts





RENNtech AMG GT R Brake Ducts are designed to improving brake performance during dynamic road and track driving. Significantly increasing the longevity of brake pads, rotors and calipers, the Brake Ducts are the first step toward a more powerful and efficient brake setup for the AMG GT R.

Whether your AMG GT R is equipped with iron or carbon ceramic rotors, the factory brake system is set up for everyday use and road driving. It is vital to understand that hard/spirited driving creates high temperatures around the brakes, which go far beyond everyday driving conditions. The function of the brake duct is to direct airflow to the center of the brake assembly, lowering the temperature of the brakes and lessening the possibility of brake fade.
Constructed out of high-quality carbon fiber, the Brake Duct package is durable and easy-to-install around the AMG GT R brake system and includes the following parts:

  • Left and Right Front Ducts
  • Left and Right Caliper Vane
  • Left and Right Rear Ducts
  • Stainless Steel Mounting hardware

Add longevity to brake pads and rotors
Reduce fading
Reduce risk of brake fluid boiling
Drive longer between cool-down periods

In combination with their performance Brake Pads, Brake Lines, Performance Brake Upgrade, and high-temperature brake fluid (600-degrees or higher), demanding drivers and track racers can build a street and track worthy brake system for their AMG GT R, which will save money, be safer, and make for an more inspiring driving experience.

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