Mercedes GLE63 EQ AMG Biturbo (2021on) – RENNtech ECU Hand Held Tuner





RENNtech HHT (Hand Held Tuner) allows you the unlimited ability to switch between tuned and stock ECU programming without ECU removal!

RENNtech’s proprietary tuning module contains both the Tuned file as well as your vehicles Stock file. The module plugs directly into the OBD2 port and delivers the file you choose directly to the ECU. Programming takes only a few minutes and the vehicle can be re-flashed at any time as many times as you wish.

With the proprietary RENNtech ECU Tuning the X167 – GLS 63 S AMG EQ Boost gains up to +97 HP and +54 LB-FT, based on power numbers measured by RENNtech. Please note that the Mercedes M177 engine performance when measured, obtains higher numbers than rated from factory. The maximum power number reached with the RENNtech ECU Upgrade for the GLS 63 S AMG EQ Boost+ is 745 HP and 767 LB-FT.



  • We have found the M177 engine stock performance numbers vary from the baseline figures claimed by Mercedes-Benz. We typically see higher baseline numbers than claimed by the factory.
  • Power gains are calculated based on stock numbers measured by RENNtech. Crank Performance Numbers are calculated with a 16% Drivetrain loss on 4MATIC+ vehicles.
  • Numbers published by MBUSA are an average over a 750rpm range for HP and a 2,000rpm range for TQ. Power gains are calculated based on the peak stock performance measured by RENNtech.
  • Our numbers will be dependent on conditions and fuel quality. 97+ Octane is mandatory with this Performance Upgrade.


Performance Numbers Overview


GLE 63 AMG EQ Boost (MY2021+ | X167 | M177 | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo EQ Boost) Stock Performance (at crank):

  • Rated by Mercedes-Benz:                        603 HP @ 5,750rpm-6,500rpm; 627 LB-FT @ 2,500-4,500rpm
  • Dyno measured by RENNtech:               648 HP @ 5,800rpm; 713 LB-FT @ 3,600rpm
    • Note: Mercedes M177 engine performance when measured on the dyno obtains higher power numbers than rated from factory. Performance numbers published by MBUSA are a calculated average within a specific rpm range, which obviously result  in lower power numbers than at the peak. HP and TQ gains calculated by RENNtech are always based on peak stock results measured by RENNtech and upgraded peak results measured by RENNtech.
    • For transparency and comparability, RENNtech published the average stock power during the rpm range set by MBUSA and the peak stock performance


GLE 63 AMG EQ Boost (MY2021+ | X167 | M177 | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo EQ Boost) Modified Performance:

  • Rated by RENNtech (peak @crank):              745 HP @ 6,250rpm; 767 LB-FT @ 3,700rpm
  • Rated by RENNtech (peak @wheel):              618 whp @ 6,250rpm; 637 wtq @ 3,700rpm
    • Crank Performance Numbers are calculated with a 16% Drivetrain loss on 4MATIC+ vehicles.

For detailed explanation on crank HP, wheel HP, drivetrain loss, etc. please click here.

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