ITG Air Filter Kit – Fiesta ST180





The only Induction Kit available to have been tried and tested and proven to work for the Fiesta ST180

They have been developing this kit for the last few months now and are very pleased with the results, on stock code this kit made 4bhp and just under 10ft lbs of torque and added with their intercooler and exhaust results in 23 bhp and over 40 ft lbs of torque.

All alloy tubing in black with cnc milled tube and MAF housing for the correct airflow across the MAF sensor, silicon tube joiners and brackets to mount direct to the chassis rail,

Open filter with a 3 stage group A touring car foam made for the kit by ITG, the filter is located under the n/s headlight with good direct airflow from the front grill with no heat from the engine bay.

They have run this kit on the dyno for 20 plus runs with no heat soak and only 2 bhp power loss and long term fuel trims identical to a stock air box.

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